2014 Adjustable Dumbbell Buyers Guide

It can be difficult choosing the right adjustable dumbbell, there are so many different brands and models to consider, so we have created this resource guide to help assist you in making a informed decision.

We have selected the most popular brands and the latest models for each one. Also we have a great 10 point check list which you should go through before buying any Adjustable Dumbbells of your choice.
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There are many different brands of adjustable dumbbells out there. So, both quality and price can vary quite a bit. However, there are certain brands that are certainly at the top of the list. Which include:

• PowerBlocks
• Bowflex
• Ironmaster


PowerBlocks is one of the most sought after adjustable dumbbells brands, which is mainly due to their futuristic PowerBlock Dumbbell Set1approach to weightlifting. They are set up to be a bit like a futuristic looking box. You have to put your hand in the box and grab the handle to pull your dumbbell up.

The futuristic pins and prongs method of weight changing and the color-coded changing system make PowerBlocks both fun and easy to use.
Also, PowerBlocks are contained and condensed into an area that is only about the size of two regular dumbbells. So, they’re great for tight spaces.

There are four popular sets of PowerBlocks. They are:

• PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbells
• PowerBlock Sportblock 24 (3 To 24 Pounds)
• PowerBlock Personal Trainer Adjustable 2.5 to 50-Pounds Per Dumbbell Set
• PowerBlock Elite 90 Adjustable 5 to 90-Pounds per Dumbbell Set


The Classic set is capable of effectively replacing 18 different weights. It can handle 5 pound increments all the way up to 45 pounds. The set even comes with a padded handle.

Of course, there are some bad points of the classic set. For example, some people have complained that it’s easy to accidentally stick pins in at an angle.

That could make a plate loose and become a safety hazard. Some people have also said that changing the weight to anything under 30 pounds requires a lot of extra effort and can interrupt the flow of a workout routine.


As for the Sportblock set, it offers a bit more precision, as far as weight amounts go. That’s because the weights are adjusted in 3 pound increments, not 5.
Those increments can change the weight from 3 pounds up to 24 pounds. People are also saying that the Sportblock set is compact, rugged and durable.

In fact, the set is praised for taking up little space and being highly portable. Not only that, but the set comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Personal Trainer:

The PowerBlock Personal Trainer set is even more adjustable still. Its weights can accommodate up to 50 pounds per hand. Not only that, but the weight can be adjusted in 2.5 pound increments.

So, if you’re really serious about your workout, you’ll love the precision that a Personal Trainer dumbbell set offers.

As far as problems go, like the other PowerBlock sets, there are some issues with pin adjustment and slow weight changes. The Personal Trainer set can also be a bit difficult to use for certain exercises because of an awkward shape and feel in certain positions.


The PowerBlock Elite set it the most professional PowerBlock set. One of the bet things about it is that the weights can be adjusted up to 90 pounds, for the serious weight lifting enthusiast.

Even better than that, however, is the fact that the 8-11 Elite Big Block can actually expand the set to be capable of handling 130 pounds. So, it really is the best of the best, as far as range of weights goes.

Again, some people have complained that the Elite dumbbell set is awkward. People have also said that the pins and pillars can be somewhat hazardous. So, it’s important to always double check the locking mechanisms.


Bowflex is known for their home gym systems, not their adjustable dumbbell sets. Nevertheless, they do have a Bowflex-SelectTech-552-adjustable-dumbbellscouple of good ones. They are:

• Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)
• Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

The 552 model comes with a two year parts warranty and a 5 year plates warranty. That’s not surprising, considering that the Bowflex name is known for quality. Of course they would stand behind their products.

The 552 set can accommodate weight training for anywhere from 5 to 52.5 pounds. It has a unique dial system that makes changing weight amounts quick and easy, as well as safe. You can potentially do over 30 types of exercises with the set.

One of the major cons of the set is that the plastic bit that holds the plates on has been reported as snapping off or chipping.
The results were some fairly dangerous incidents, including at least one person reporting being hit in the face when a plate fell off. Many people report that the set is simply not as durable as many other adjustable weight sets out there.

Then there’s the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 model. The product is described as strong, durable and quiet. It allows for training with anywhere from 5 to 90 pound weights in each hand.
Its 17 different weight settings make it a great choice, if you want some versatility in your training routine.

Like the 552 set, there are reports that the 1090′s locking mechanism has a tendency to break. That makes plates loosen, or fall off entirely. So, it can be a real safety concern.

Iron Master:

Another set that you should certainly consider is the Ironmaster 75 lb Quick Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System. The Ironmaster (75 Pound), Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells Reviewset is extremely efficient, as far as space goes. It only takes up about two square feet of storage space.

It adjusts from 5 to 75 pounds, has a super-strong welded steel and chrome design and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. So, it’s considered to be a lot stronger than Bowflex models and many other adjustable dumbbell models.

The chief complaints about the Ironmaster Quick Lock system seem to be that the quick lock system doesn’t always work quite right and that the customer service from the company sometimes leaves a bit to be desired.
All in all, though, it seems to be a high-quality product.

Other Options:

Of course, those are just three brands. There are a lot of other options that are worth considering. For example, you might want to try these:

• Cap Barbell 40-Pound Dumbbell Set
• Jillian Michaels Ultimate 25-Pound Adjustable Speed Dumbbell
• Reebok Adjust-A-Weight Set (25-Pound)

Obviously, Jillian Michaels is well known for her work on the TV show The Biggest Loser. She is a well respected trainer and her Ultimate Speed Dumbbell set is also well respected for being a quality product.

For less than $100 you can get the set, which includes quality weights and even an exercise chart.

As for Cap and Reebok, those models are also know for their versatility and their ability to fit in with any budget.
The bottom line, however, is that choosing the right adjustable dumbbell set shouldn’t be based on price alone. It also should not be based on a famous name.

It’s important that you research well and find the best adjustable dumbbell set to suit your needs, abilities, space and lifestyle.